Gomining Review | Free 14 Day Trial Yes! FREE!

GoMining, the Bitcoin mining enterprise, offers an opportunity for individuals to engage in Bitcoin mining without the requirement of specialized mining equipment. 

This article will elucidate the steps to commence Bitcoin mining today, leveraging GoMining’s trial NFT.

The GoMining NFT serves as a distinctive digital asset, symbolizing a portion of Bitcoin mining hash power within GoMining’s data centers. Each NFT comes with power and energy efficiency metrics that dictate its daily BTC production.

Commencing with GoMining’s trial NFT is hassle-free, as the free trial period spans seven days and is easily initiated.

Below we’ll go through the three simple steps to begin the trial.

Step #1: Create An Gomining Account

To access the free trial NFT, users need to have an account with GoMining. This can be done either with connecting an email address or a self-custodial wallet like Metamask or Trust Wallet.

Head to the GoMining App and select the Get Started button at the top right.


Click on Get Started.

A pop-up will appear asking to sign up with an email address or using external accounts. Users also have the option to connect a wallet via Metamask or WalletConnect.

gomining trial

Choose how you want to start your GoMining account.

Step #2: Begin the NFT Trial

Now that you have an account created, the home page will introduce a new pop-up allowing you to start the trial period.

Click the Start Now button to begin the trial.


Once again, a pop-up will appear on the screen displaying the new demo NFT, which touts impressive stats: 16 TH/s and 35 W/TH, making it both powerful and energy efficient.

Click on the Start for free button to begin. You can also click on Learn More to discover the details of the trial.

gomining trial

Step #3: Watch Your NFT Earn BTC

Once you’ve started the trial, you can see the demo NFT in your wallet. You can do this by going to the left-hand side and clicking NFT Miners under the My NFT section.

GoMining NFT

You can also check out the daily rewards coming from the demo NFT on the Dashboard page. There, you can see how much BTC you’re earning over time.


At the bottom of the dashboard, you can check out the rewards earned daily. In the below example, the NFT earned ~$0.20 per day profit.

GoMining NFT
GoMining, the Bitcoin mining venture, gives everyone the chance to mine Bitcoin without the need of mining equipment. In this article, we’ll detail how you can get started with mining Bitcoin today thanks to GoMining’s trial NFT.

The GoMining NFT is a unique digital asset that represents a share of bitcoin mining hash power in GoMining’s data centers. Each NFT has power and energy efficiency stats that determine how much BTC they make daily.

GoMining’s free NFT trial period lasts seven days and is easy to start. Below we’ll go through the three simple steps to begin the trial.

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